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Game: Pocket Monsters Snap
Platform: Nintendo 64
Nintendo of Japan release date: 21 March 1999
Nintendo (abroad) release date: 01 July 1999
Players: 1

Ever wish you could take pics of your fav Pokémon? Well now you can! Introducing Pokémon Snap, the game that lets you capture Pokémon--with a camera! No use of Monster Balls here. All of your photography skills will be put to test as you travel through various environments, snapping pictures of Pokémon, as in their natural habitats.

In the game, Oak, the world-famous Pokémon professor, has sent you on an assignment to take lots of pictures on Pokémon Island. Not all Pokémon will be easy to photograph, though. It will take a great deal of patience to get the shot just perfect!

You play as Tooru (Todd), a Pokémon photographer, and ride around in a Zero-One, a special device that rides you around on a set path within the various environments. When you return to Oak's lab, he'll score your photographs. Some of important factors include: Is the Pokémon in a nice pose? Is the picture centered? Are there more than one Pokémon, or type of Pokémon in the backround?

After pictures have been taken, they can be saved in the photo album. The most interesting feature of the photo album is the ability to write captions that go along with the pictures. No more sticker printing though.-_-

The games "Pokémon Snap" and "Pocket Monsters Snap"


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